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5 Skills That Must Be Possessed by a Blogger

5 Skills That Must Be Possessed by a Blogger

Working as a blogger, activities every day are many, not just writing articles, because there are some skills that even bloggers learn.

What skills should a blogger possess? This needs to be known by some of you who are just starting a career in blogging. If until now you are new in the field of blogging and can immediately succeed, it is a foolish thought. There are many aspects of the blogging world that even need to be understood.

Here are some skills that a blogger must possess and always be learned:

Writing content

People say that the success of a blog depends on the content of the blog. Or bloggers often refer to the term content is the king of all elements of the content of a blog. The emptiness and the busyness of a blog are measured by the quality of the content presented.

First of all, you need to know first about the topic you want to write in a blog. As much as possible, it is similar topic. If it is too mixed, it is not effective to retain readers.

Therefore, a blogger must master good writing skills in a field. At least what is written can be understood by the visitors of the blog.

Do not be tempted by the instant path. What is happening now is that beginner bloggers, when they are lured by money, they look for shortcuts to get money.

One example that is widespread today is by using the spinner method, but after I reviewed the results of the spinner article, it was very chaotic, so what was read by visitors looked strange and very unpleasant to read.

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If you are indeed preparing to be a blogger, you must learn in terms of writing. Because if you don't want to write, it is very difficult to make money. There are other ways besides becoming a blogger to make money, one of them is in the YouTube creator path.

2. Learn SEO

There are many bloggers who already know the term SEO, but for those who are just starting blogging, they may sound unfamiliar with the term SEO. SEO is learning how to maximize our blog to search engines so that it is on the first page when searched by visitors. If your blog is still empty, maybe you haven't optimized your blog with SEO techniques yet.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is very important to bring blog visitors from search engines.

Typically, to learn SEO, the outline is:

  • Understanding how to submit to Webmaster tools
  • Writing SEO friendly articles. Read More: How to Write high quality Content
  • Setting up the blog for SEO optimization
  • SEO on pages
  • SEO off pages

That's the outline, you can learn from some websites that have taught about it.

Understanding some programming languages

The next blogging skill you should learn is understanding the basic programming languages HTML and CSS. If you are a user, it may be very important to understand these two programming languages, one example is when we are asked to submit to Google webmaster tools and others, even some of the templates available today we must place the ad code, we need to edit it through edit html. Besides CSS and HTML, usually in blogger templates also use JavaScript <script>.

CSS code is used to design the layout of the blog template, such as color, arrangement and others.

HTML code is used as the main structure of the blogger.

Script is used for optimizing Adsense ads and adding some gadgets to the blog.

Learn about hosting

Hosting is the place to store all the content we create. Usually used by professional bloggers. For beginners who want to be serious in the website and blog field, paid hosting may help with more flexible optimization. A blogger should understand how to use hosting when they want to become professional. Most bloggers use WordPress CMS as their website operating system. But when you are still learning, maybe is the right and free place forever. It's okay to know about Hosting. The term for renting paid hosting is self hosting, which means we rely on platforms like,, and others. But you need to know that is not self hosting because we are still relying on If you want to use self hosting, what is used is

The willingness to continue learning

The competition in the blogging field is getting higher and higher every day, so we always have to upgrade our knowledge to always create quality content and blog optimization skills.

The challenge for a blogger is the temptation to slack off when you have already earned income from the blog, when that time is a feeling of comfort to be lazy, especially when you get income every month from blogging. Although there are still many PRs to be done.

The skills and abilities of a blogger must be multi-talented, but the most important of all is writing ability, when writing ability is present, then move on to other things.

Keep learning and studying.!!

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