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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging through Mobile Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging through Mobile Phones

Advantages and disadvantages of blogging through a smartphone
- In supporting the current blogging activities, some of you may use a smartphone as a means of creating articles.

The utilization of technology such as smartphones is now so complex that it is extremely beneficial for a blogger, especially for those who do not have a computer device. So, the smartphone is very helpful in supporting the blogging activities.

Blogging can now be done entirely through a smartphone. So, don't complain about not having a computer device for blogging. And don't use it as an excuse for not blogging through a smartphone. Someday, you will eventually get a computer from the results of blogging even if only through an Android phone, amen.

On this occasion, I want to share the disadvantages and advantages of blogging through a smartphone. So that you who are still lazy because of the reason of only blogging through a smartphone, can be more enthusiastic about providing information on informative and beneficial blogs, after reading my write-up hehe,.

1.  Advantages of blogging through a smartphone

From the perspective of its advantages, even a smartphone can surpass the abilities of a computer, such as in terms of flexible time. You use a smartphone all the time, it's always in your pocket or in your hand, so when you come up with an idea for an article, you can immediately write it down. Unlike with a computer device, even if you turn on the computer and if the computer is in a special room, for example, it cannot be taken anywhere, even though there is a laptop, but the smartphone is simpler in terms of flexibility. The most important advantage of blogging through a smartphone is flexibility. It does not demand us to always open the PC.

From the perspective of savings, this is the outstanding advantage of blogging through a smartphone. The savings I'm talking about here is savings in data and electricity. The use of smartphones and computers is vastly different in this aspect. Blogging through a smartphone must be "wow".

2. Drawbacks of blogging through mobile phones

Now we come to the drawbacks, which are like when we write articles through our phones, typing mistakes often occur. This frequent incorrect tapping slows down the writing process. Sometimes this causes us to lose the next word when a typo occurs.

The next drawback is editing/editing HTML on However, to overcome this, I resolve it by editing the HTML template through the HTML editing application, Quick Edit.

The difficulty in placing images in articles. If we update the article through the blogger application, the image will be placed at the bottom of the article. However, this can be overcome by uploading the image directly on the blogger server. If you want to place it according to the location of the image in an article.

Often slow when opening classic AdSense. The classic mode is indeed intended for desktops, so our mobile screens cannot display clearly and quickly. When we are required to create an advertisement unit, we must be patient and wait for our mobile to load until we can create an advertisement unit on the AdSense dashboard.

But behind these shortcomings, it is what makes blogging through mobile phones more challenging. Hihihi,

Android phones indeed help to make blogging easier for those who don't have a computer. Like me, from knowing blogs until now. The blogging activities I do are fully from Android. I haven't opened a blog through a computer yet. But behind my shortcomings, this motivates me to write articles until I can produce. Hehe.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you who are struggling with Android will be even more motivated because behind the drawbacks of blogging through mobile phones, there must be its advantages. To support your blogging activities, you need an application.

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