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Blogging will never die

Blogging tidak ada Matinya - Something subjective is not always bad, because as humans, we need references to reinforce a perspective from public opinion. Sometimes a personal blog can be a useful reference in the midst of the overwhelming online media. Because online media has writers who are just writing, not someone who is really doing it, so sometimes the data provided is less accurate and appropriate.

Important and not important media now becomes biased public opinion. Because they know that something counter will become a topic of discussion and widely sought after by users. They need traffic to sustain the company.

Will bloggers die out?
I don't think so, it's just that bloggers are not like they used to be when micro-blogging social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were not yet popular, so this blog became a quality discussion forum. Unlike now, social media is filled with something that is full of counter arguments to get agegment from other users. Not in the context of discussing for progress.

Bloggers are useful for beginners
Through the blog, anyone can now have a way and provide a subjective opinion to benefit others.

In this blogger platform it was very useful. Through a post it grew into a long discussion and produced something good.

But it's a shame if we reject the advancement of social media. Maybe discussions like this still occur on social media platforms in a one community group.

Blogspot Spam
Bloggers have become a trash dump for spamming, driving other big web algorithms. Bloggers are only used as a stepping stone. It seems that when we use the blogger platform now it is only viewed as a place to spam links. Although there are many quality posts.

For new blogger users, if you want to get free content, just copy and paste from other blogs. But it's too bad now, this model won't get anything except sin. Sin deceives you to make money from the wrong path. And gather your own creativity.

2023 Blogging Robot Warning
There are some very dangerous things if chatgpt becomes a teacher. He obtains information from a place we don't know. If the question we ask is information, the robot may be able to answer correctly. However, several times the context and depth of information from chatgpt is very lacking. Especially in writing a journal about something that is specific and specific. Of course, this is very dangerous and has the potential to mislead.

Is there still someone who wants to read?
A question arises in my mind, do users still feel comfortable reading on a website now?

If the hope is there is a value of money, we become doubtful to write. However, if writing is a need for those who like to write and read, blogging becomes a very enjoyable path. Although we are the only ones who read, at least one day we will find ourselves in the past.
We become aware of our abilities in writing, thinking, behavior, and our conditions in past posts.

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