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Build a blogging mindset if you want to succeed as a blogger

Build a blogging mindset if you want to succeed as a blogger

As a beginner blogger, there is definitely enthusiasm in building a blog. Update articles every day, themes also change every day. However, there are also some who make a blog and then fill the articles with copy-pasted articles from other blogs. These are some forms of different people's beliefs about blogging.

I am confident that many of you still have the belief that you are making a blog only to be monetized. Because some of us, have a prejudice against building a blog. Because of the wrong form of belief about the mindset of blogging.

Therefore, for those of you who are starting to blog, change your negative beliefs about blogging first. So that in the middle of the journey you will not be stuck with laziness and eventually your blog will be abandoned and not make a penny.

Let's discuss further about the beliefs in your mind. So that later you will not regret and be disappointed in the world of blogging because you are not making money.

Now write down what motivates you to blog!

If the goal is to make a lot of money in a short time, I am sure that someday you will be disappointed in the middle of the journey. Because making money from blogging is not an instant thing. Everything requires sacrifice and struggle.

To avoid disappointment in the future, my suggestion is to CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS AND THOUGHTS! Starting now before reaching the stage of frustration because of the blog. That actually blogging is my hobby of writing on the internet. And indeed blogging requires a challenging journey because that is where the pleasure lies. As a reward for blogging or your hobby, you will receive an income. This is already recorded in the blogger dashboard that "make your hobby to earn money from Adsense"

To not get lost in managing the blog, there are basic steps so that your blog becomes a quality blog. Here I mention some steps so that you become a productive and quality blogger.

Use the default blogger template

Some of us probably waste a lot of time when it comes to appearance issues. This is not just you, all bloggers definitely pay attention to the appearance of the template in their blog. Yes, this is a good sign that you care about the appearance of the blog, but don't be excessive. On the other hand, you have already lost a lot of time to write content. My suggestion is not to make the blog template the main priority, so that time can still be productive in writing content.

Don't copy and paste

If copy and paste still sticks with you, eliminate all thoughts about copying. Because later, your blog will be considered not very high quality in the eyes of users and Google. Even your blog will be deleted by Google someday. And of course, if registered with AdSense, it will be difficult to be accepted.

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Enjoy writing

The content on a blog is indeed very important. Because basically, a blog is a media for writing to be published.

So if you don't like writing, don't become a blogger. Unless you want to make a blog a business field because there is a lot of capital, you can buy articles from content writers.

Making content is the main thing, then the others. If possible, it must be of high quality, user-friendly, and SEO. Quantity is also important!

Learn to write so you can become a blogger!

Belief, vision, and mission to build a blog is very important to be noticed when starting to build a blog. Starting from the brand, goal, purpose, must be very noticed. If you want to not be lost and not hopeless on the journey...

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That's some form of belief for beginner bloggers that must be built from the beginning so as not to regret later.

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