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is a blog that contains a collection of experiences from a TV and electronics technician that are documented and accessible to anyone. The goal is for the knowledge they have to be useful to anyone seeking information about electronic device repairs.

However, the blog is only a reference for repairing electronic devices and not an exact guide, because in the world of electronics, there are often similar symptoms of damage but with different solutions. Therefore, it is important for all readers to continue reading and deepening their knowledge of electronics, which is very broad and constantly evolving from day to day.

As a suggestion, try to become an expert in one field that you pursue and not just know it. Everyone needs trial and error to start from scratch. Don't worry if you experience failure, as it is part of the learning process. The important lesson from technical knowledge is to keep practicing and occasionally deepening theoretical knowledge.

As they say, practice without theory is foolish, and theory without practice is the same as lying. In learning electronics, the ratio between theory and practice is about 30:70. This means that theory is only about 30%, while practice plays a bigger role of around 70%.

We hope that can help those who are learning about electronic device repairs and provide great benefits to our readers. Don't forget to follow us on Google News to get the latest information about the world of electronics.

Happy soldering!

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