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Can Life as a Blogger End When AI Technology Takes Over the Blogger Market?

I understand the feeling of wanting to give up as a blogger when AI technology increasingly dominates the content market on the internet. However, we need to remember that people still need content from us, human writers.

Currently, AI technology is still limited in processing information sourced from the internet and has not been able to produce articles with the same depth of knowledge as humans. I often find errors in AI content presentation, especially for information about remote areas. AI cannot provide accurate information, even when faced with questions from various perspectives.

AI also cannot provide comprehensive articles for certain topics, such as repairing electronic devices. AI can only provide surface-level explanations.

For example, when I had trouble with a TV that wouldn't turn on, AI only gave suggestions like checking the power cable, remote control, and recommending to take it to an expert. Unlike when we search for information through Google, we will find many valid references and data from professional bloggers in their fields or from web developers who present data on the components of a device.

In addition, AI has not yet been able to display images well. So as an ordinary person who wants to understand the AI's intended image, it is difficult to comprehend. AI is not a good teacher to be used as a human learning reference. Even if the question is incorrect, we can be misled by AI's capabilities.

From here, we understand that bloggers are still needed even though AI content has dominated Google search engines today. So, is there still anyone interested in becoming a blogger? I hope so because there are still many people out there who need information from us about our expertise.

Let's make blogging a contribution to knowledge for future humanity. Do not let modern human knowledge be governed by machine learning that is not always valid, and its data sources are questioned.

Share your valuable experiences as a learning opportunity for others to do better than what you did. May your dream of becoming an internet content writer come true in a humane and proper way.

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