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Painful Experience of Blog Content Theft

Painful Experience of Blog Content Theft
- After being a blogger for a long time, I realized how difficult it is when the articles I created with hard work and dedication are displayed by others without clearly indicating the source of the article.

Perhaps this is also a risk as a content writer on the internet, where copyrights and ownership of writings are no longer respected. Although it can be reported to Google's DMCA, it feels pointless because one grows a thousand. Solving this problem is like building a sandcastle on the beach. It takes time and energy and reduces productivity in writing content. Therefore, a little patience is needed when our work is stolen by others when we are already in the world of blogging.

New and old people with bad intentions who want to make more profit without hard work, theft is one way. There is no need to respond to crime with crime so that we feel more comfortable and relaxed in writing and creating anything on the internet.

Now, producing content is already automatic. Instead of copying someone else's work, maybe you can use AI to produce your content and get better profits than stealing other people's content that has worked hard in writing articles.

Writing an article is not enough with one or two hours and can immediately become an article that can be enjoyed. We need research for days, even years, to create new knowledge about the expertise we are studying. Therefore, appreciate a work even if it only slightly indicates the source of the information obtained.

We never mind if it is to indicate the source and add value to the readers and improve the quality of the information to be more meaningful. In fact, we are happy to create a seed of work that will be developed by others on the internet.

If you are starting blogging, you must understand patience when your work is copied by others exactly. Do not use the same way to retaliate against those who do not appreciate you. Keep writing about knowledge to contribute to modern human knowledge in the future.

Thus, this article hopefully can provide an understanding for novice bloggers who are about to become a blogger and recognize the risks so as not to be surprised when on the journey later. Be noble-hearted to provide comprehensive knowledge in accordance with your experience.

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