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Soldiradem Blog EST 2016 dedicated to sharing electronics knowledge and experiences


Soldiradem Blog EST 2016
is a platform dedicated to sharing electronics knowledge and experiences. The first article was published on January 1st, 2016, and it has been growing ever since. The blog was originally hosted on, but in 2019, it moved to a TLD domain to make it easier to remember.

The blog's main focus is on sharing personal experiences and troubleshooting electronic devices. The blog's author is a technician who writes about his experiences and shares them with his readers. Soldiradem Blog is a place where readers can learn about basic electronics, audio, TV repair, speaker repair, amplifiers, transistors, IC data, parabolic antennas, simple electronic circuits, household electronic repairs, DVB receivers, and electronic tips.

The author created Soldiradem Blog during his free time as a technician. The name of the blog comes from his nickname, Soldir, and the word "adem" which means cool in Indonesian. When Soldir was not busy with his work, he would write about his experiences on the blog.

Soldiradem Blog also features guest writers who share their own experiences and reviews of electronic products. The blog aims to make it easy for readers to understand complex electronic issues by using simple language and organizing information into easy-to-follow sections.

In conclusion, Soldiradem Blog EST 2016 is a reliable source of information for anyone interested in electronics. The author's personal experiences, along with the contributions of guest writers, make this blog a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn more about electronics.

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